Thursday, January 1, 2009


As we planned our at home New Years Eve Extravaganza (well, we were excited about it) yesterday, I grabbed a pen and some paper and we talked New Year's Resolutions. I love the new year; such a great opportunity for fresh starts and twelve step program type mea culpas. I resolve every single year to be a better letter writer, birthday card sender and over-all communicator with friends and family that live far and away. As they can all attest, I fail at this resolution each and every year. Yet, here I am; New Years Day and I have my fresh, new calendar all ready for those birthdays, anniversaries and other well wishing occasions to be entered and observed. This year I'm really going to do it! Wait! Do I hear laughter? Hmmm?

Anyway, I talked resolutions with my kids, and they were very forthcoming, even in the knowledge that I intended to make a blog post about them. I think they feel safe in the blogosphere. They know that next to no one is reading, and like to keep mommy amused.

Me: So, Stephen. What is your resolution for 2009?
Stephen: To quit smoking.
Me: Ahem. Not funny. What is it really?
Stephen: To quit smoking! It is something I can actually stick to.
Me: Ahem.
Stephen: Okay, okay. I'm going to eat better. I'm not going to get as much junk food at school.

Me: Okay, Mary Catherine. What about you?
Mary: I don't really get it. I mean is it like Lent or something?
Me: sigh Mmmm hmmmm. You get to decide how you can change your life for the better; make a fresh start! Break a bad habit or take up a new hobby...
Mary: Okay. I'm going to stop playing with the dog in a bad way that makes him rip my shirt sleeves and I'm going to stop hitting people when I'm mad.
Me: So, you want to learn to control your emotions and your anger?
Mary: Yep!

Me: Your turn, Clare. How are you going to change your life this year?
Clare: I'm going to be nicer to everyone.
Me: You are sweet. That sounds or friends or what?
Clare: Just everyone!
Me: Okay! I know you can do that.

Me: You're up, Mags.
Maggie: I'm going to stop talking back and stop having to get in the last word.
Me: That's hard. I like that resolution.
Maggie: Yep. And I also want to gain some weight. My pants keep falling off.
Me: I must have made that resolution last year!!! Just pants never slip off.
Maggie: Mine do all the time. I need to put on a little weight.
Me: Or...I could get you some pants that fit. Like a slim size?
Maggie: YEAH!!!!

Me: What do you think, Dominic? What is your New Year's Resolution?
Dom: I'm going to control my language.
Me: uhhh...
Dom: I'm going to stop saying crap and dump and stuff like that. It doesn't sound nice.
Me: Yeh, you like to be funny, but it's hard to stop saying those words once you start.
Dom: ummm hmmm
Me: I'm glad you're going to stop saying crap. It really gets on my nerves.
Maggie: Mine too!
Me: It's not your turn, Maggie.
Dom: Yeh, I'm going to stop that tomorrow.

Me: Okay, Anna. What is my little girl going to do next year?
Anna: I'm gonna be four!
Me: Yay!! So you're going to turn into a four year old; and what else do you want to do in the next year?
Anna: I want to be a soldier doll in The Nutcracker like Ashley!!!
Me: Wow! That's a big dream for a little girl. I like that. Good for you.
Anna: Yep. I'm little but I'm big, too. And I'm gonna dance in pointe shoes and walk like a soldier, too. Are you going to watch me?
Me: Absolutely, yes.

And then Clare decided that Jonesy the Dog needed to make a resolution. She said he resolves to not poop in Daddy's garden and to eat no more raccoon poop. Go for it, Jonesy!!! I have faith in you!

Mike keeps his resolutions to himself, but I know him pretty well. I'm pretty sure I know what he resolves. I know he always sticks to them, too. He is very strong and firm in character.

When I announced my goals, to be a better communicator and birthday card sender, Maggie looked at the paper and said "Don't you want to write something about exercising and losing weight?". Ever concerned about my daughters body image perceptions, I assured her that, yes, we ALL should try to eat healthy foods and exercise. Then I went in the other room and made mean faces at her.

Happy New Year!!!


Becky said...

Well, crap, Dominic who's gonna say crap with me? Way to make the resolutions Basso family. Sure wish I had Maggie's problem, needing to gain weight so your pants fit better? Holly guacamole, what a goal. Glad to see you soon. Christmas vacation has gone by in a blur.

Colleen said...

FUNNY! Your kids sound like they have firm characters, like you and their father. As for losing weight; getting in shape is much more fun, it takes the pressure off of the whole thing. I am trying Pilates and loving it. Not the mat stuff, which is like torture with a funny name, but the machines. It strengthens the core and abs and back. In all ways awesome. My resolution is just to be healthier, all around. Eat better, sleep better, interact with other cool and fun people more often instead of living like a hermit, etc.

Keep the blog coming! I remain your faithful reader!