Friday, February 20, 2009

The Dreaded Eye Roll

You just haven't lived until your fourteen year old rolls his eyes at you, stomps his foot and says (in his crackly, pubescent voice) "You are being unreasonable!".

This kid that you fed, clothed, provided shelter for, stuck up for, helped study for test after test with, went to bat for, watched numerous sporting events of, and agonized over every parenting descision for...this kid.

I am frustrated! I am overwhelmed! I want to throw in the towel! I want to let him have his way so he'll like me again! But, I also want to make him pay. I'll show you unreasonable! Roll your eyes at me, will you! I gave you those eyes, buddy...maybe I'll take them back!

I am calmer now, having gotten that out of my system. Now I need to go make up a chore chart with lots and lots of things to do on it. Lots and lots. And lots.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Googie Girl

About twenty posts ago, I started to dedicate a blog to one particular child at a time. Though these posts are always about the kids, I wanted to give each one a spotlight for their own post. We started with the youngest, Anna, then Dominic had his turn. Now it is Maggie's turn. Maggie Maggoo. Googie Girl.

Here is something everyone should know about Maggie: from the time she was about three months old until she was eighteen months old, we were afraid Maggie would never walk. And if she did walk, we were unsure if she would do so without a walker. Here is something else everyone should know about Maggie: she is extremely hard headed. In fact, that hard head of hers is why she can walk. (and run and dance and do every normal thing a girl does) Well, that and lots of physical therapy. The girl is extremely determined and can do anything she puts her mind to doing.

So, Maggie is nine. She takes seven hours of dance a week and is on a competitive dance team. She played softball for two seasons, but it cramped her dance time schedule, so she dropped it. She has broken an arm (at dance) and still is pretty daring with those crazy tumbling moves. She is a fast runner. She is very smart. She has a whole lot of energy and many friends. She is an awesome big sister and an appropriately pesky little sister. There are so many things about Maggie that I could fill a book with them. But my favorite thing about Maggie...she has a mouth made for Honeycomb! (she said that!) I love how she likes to be silly in pictures. She has a fun sense of humor.

Maggie is very sensitive. She is easily hurt and feels empathy for those around her. I think she will grow up to be a very loving, warm woman who is hard headed and determined. But for now, we'll keep on enjoying our Maggie Magoo just as she is!