Thursday, January 29, 2009

Do you know what's great about having a ten (almost eleven!) year old daughter? Oh, I know...there are a lot of things great about it. But right now, I am thinking specifically about this little scenario. I was making a chicken pot pie yesterday afternoon (Oh, yes, it was good!) when Clare came in and announced that she was going to make chocolate chip cookies. You should know that I had everything on hand to make cookies...except for the stinking CHOCOLATE CHIPS, but that matter was solved by a quick dash to the neighbor's house. Thank you, Melissa! Now, I have made plenty of batches of cookies with the kids, but have never completely handed over the rubber spatula and hand mixer. I hesitated....... but look at this kid! Who could resist?

Anyway, with absolutely no help from me, she made an awesome dough. The dough is the best part, and my favorite. She doubled the recipe and added some butterscotch chips, coconut and pecans. My kind of cooking; no recipe. She's my girl! After devouring half the dough, we set about baking. Once I had my pot pie in the oven, and she had her first batch in the oven, she skeedaddled outside and left me to bake the batches...but I can't complain. She did come in and help out a bit more.
By the way, have you seen Clare cute haircut? I love it!

Yep, they were yummy.

What did I do while snowed in? (Iced in, but whatever)

Oh, this was only the beginning. Have you changed the bedding for eight people lately? Me neither. Not all at once, anyway...

What do your kids do with their wet clothes when they come in from the snow? Mine do this. Oh, least I got to eat fresh, hot cookies while cleaning up this mess, right?!


michelestaples said...

Hi Theresa! This is what I can't wait for. Almost 11 year olds who can bake on their own! That doesn't seem like a possibility cause mine are so little. Thanks for the hope.

Seth! said...

I still can't believe you have, what, six kids? What makes a person do that? You DO know what causes them, right? But seriously, there's nobody I'd rather see contributing to the gene pool. I'm sure that they are all SUPER little humans. Even if they do drop their wet things in a heap. - Seth!