Monday, January 19, 2009


My kids love to draw. They always have. I have washed marker off of wall paper, cleaned pencil off of windowsills and pen from walls. I have bathed little bodies decked in some pretty amazing body art. Let's not even talk about paint. Now that they are older, they draw upon more appropriate surfaces. I try not to complain when they go through an entire package of paper in a week and leave pictures all over the house. At least they are busy, productive, creative and happy. I tend to get a little annoyed, though, when they use napkins, lunch sacks and paper plates to draw on. I'm usually thinking, "C'mon! You're using up the good stuff!"

I came into the kitchen today and saw about 10 paper plates drawn upon. I was getting ready to gripe a little bit, until I saw the pictures. They were all along these lines:

I really like it when my kids teach me a thing or two. Next year, I will remember to talk more with them about Dr. King, his actions and his moving speech rather than simply wonder if the garbage would be picked up on MLK Day. I'm glad they were thinking about the reason for their awesome three day weekend. They're good kids.

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