Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Save the Drama for your Mamma

When it comes to dramatics, my kids seem to have cornered the market. (Present company excluded, Mr. Shatner)
There is always something going down, and it usually starts with a wail of MOM!!!!! He touched me, she poked me, he called me a name, she won't pick up her stuff, he's breathing my air, they won't let me do whatever dumb thing they're doing.....on and on. Some days are better than others, drama wise, but those are usually the days they are rallying together to do a group project that they fear I will not approve of, so they keep it quiet. (Moon Sand in the bathroom? How about making a stepping stone in the game room? Playdough. Ugh. I hate playdough.) But today was the topper. One of them said, "I'm telling mom because you are such a tattle-tale". I wondered if it could be delivered with a straight face. Luckily, she thought it through before she actually came to me. I heard them all laugh and apologies were said. Smugly, I was starting to feel like Mike and I might be doing something right. Right about that time, someone discovered ink spilled in the bottom of the lego box. The legos that were dumped on the floor. The carpeted floor. The ink was discovered by Clare who was scooping the legos with an ink soaked aquarium net. The finger pointing started. Who spilled the ink? Not me!!! Couldn't have been me! Had to have been him! I don't care, I shouted. Just look at this mess! Aaaugh! Six pairs of eyes looked at me with a little bit of fear mixed with a whole lot of concern. The drama nut doesn't fall too far from the drama tree. (or something like that)

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Becky said...

Amen sister! I know the nut doesn't fall to far from this loony tree. We've also had the "Mom, she's such a tattle tale!" And I'm like you are....what? They give us so much to talk about, love the insanity.