Friday, September 19, 2008

The Coolest White Kid I know

The next lucky kid in line to have his own blog post is Dominic; our fifth born and best looking baby. Don't worry that I'll hurt the other kids' feelings, they all agree. Dominic was the cutest baby ever. He came out looking like a three month old with hair thicker than anything and a serious expression on his face. No ugly Winston Churchill baby pictures of Dominic!

Well, crap. That was my first attempt to scan. But you get the jist?

Here is a great example of Dom's personality. On our vacation to Hilton Head Island, he eagerly volunteered to be the sucker...I mean to be the one buried in the sand. He so very much wants to be cool in the eyes of his older siblings. They, of course, enjoy keeping him grounded. Anyway, he held it together for bit, even long enough for me to run and grab the camera. Clostrophobic outburst in

Get me outta here!

Good thing I was there to help. AFTER I took a picture, that is.

Dominic makes us laugh. He doesn't always mean to, but this kid is funny. And he is sweet. He doesn't like anyone to feel left out or sad. When he was two or three, he would cry at the music at church. Especially at touching songs. He would just weep. Now he tries to hide his tears. He does like to be cool, but that doesn't mean he won't cuddle in my lap at least once a day. And if I go to the store and have been gone an hour or so, he will run down the stairs and hug my waist when I get home like I've been gone for days. I really love that. Mike recently asked him what he thought he'd be when he grows up. He pondered for about thirty seconds and said, with complete seriousness, probably a rock star. Mike, being a dad who I'm sure had visions of supporting a garage band twenty-something year old some day, talked to him about studying hard and going to college and practical jobs. But I say ROCK ON, Dom. Dream now and save practical for later.

I love this picture of Dominic. He's mad about having to get his hair combed before church. Look at how cute he is! I think I love it because it looks just like his newborn baby picture. Same hair, same look on the face....classic.

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theresa said...

Since hardly anyone probably reads the comments, I'm adding this for Mike!!! Dominics rendition of "Hey There Delilah" by the Plain White T's.... "Hey there Delilah you smell like dump and I hate you. What??? Where do they get this stuff?