Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lighten Up Already!

Just a quick post today. I noticed that the last couple of postings were a little heavy. I thought these pictures would lighten things up a bit. It is a cloudy day here in T-town, so here's a little sunshine to brighten my day and hopefully yours! By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ARMANDE!!!!!! We love you! And we eat a candle in your honor!

Some good lookin' kids, right? did Maggie get the nick-name "The Mouth"?
Anna looks like she is "The Mouth Part II".

Clare looks like she sees dead people. And Mary.....having a "duh" moment, maybe?

Maggie, pop up in pictures much?

Stephen, you really need a haircut. This is when we started calling him Moe, to which he said, "Wadda ya standin' around for?".

Surf the turtle!!
There. I feel about you?


Becky said...

Maggie an Grace have something in commen, they like the lime light. I love the pop ups, and Clare makes me chuckle each time I look at her "Sixth Sence" impersonation.

Becky said...

Theressa that was beyond hysterical! Where did you find that? I actually just watched with my mouth dropped, but the comments on what she learned had me rolling, Duane even chuckled about the tea party. Thanks for sharing. Nutcracker tomorrow, woohoo!