Monday, September 8, 2008

Oh, Grow Up!!!......Wait!

Have you ever had an older, wiser person tell you to cherish these crazy, hectic days because they will soon be gone? I sure have. Many times I have been at my wits end about one thing or another and someone will say words to that effect. Almost every Sunday at church, an elderly person will grab my hand and say that our family reminds them of their own. They, too, had a large family. By the way, they always say, they grow up too fast. One day you are herding your kids to and fro, the next day they are grown and gone. Not from your life, of course, but from your home. No longer are you the shepherd of your flock. Suddenly you are the lonely lady in church grabbing the hand of the young mom with her brood following behind her. They tell me of the joys of grandchildren; but it's just not the same. I really do try to remember the wisdom of these words, especially when it is a hectic day and I'm frazzled and feeling pulled in 100 directions. It is hard to not wish time away. I want to enjoy my kids and relish every moment, but I fail. A lot. I get angry and frustrated. A lot. I lay awake in bed at night wishing I could have a do-over of the day. Surely I'd do things differently. I want to slow the clock and take a deep breath and count to ten before flying off the handle and really, truly listen to everything they try to tell me. I think I'll start today. Wish me luck!!!

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Becky said...

Mary reminds me of a younger Molly, what a cute picture.