Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Where's Half Pint?

Maggie had a delightful 10th birthday. Highlight? We set up skype and called Mike, who sang and clapped along as Mags blew out the candles from her cake. Ain't technology amazin'?

When we went to see Wicked last July, the playbook announced that in November a new musical, Little House on the Prairie starring Melissa Gilbert would be coming to Tulsa. We thought about it, couldn't inagine it, laughed about it. I mean, HOW could they make a musical based on the Little House books? We couldn't imagine. A quick glance to Maggie, who was suppressing a grin. Later that evening, she confessed, "I REALLY want to see that show! And my birthday is in November." She and her friend Lauren enjoyed the first couple of Little House books and last Christmas we gave Maggie the entire collection. They love watching dvd's of the tv show. They think Melissa Gilbert is awesome. So, I bought tickets to the show for Maggie and Lauren to celebrate her birthday.
Here they are, excited to see the show, super excited to see Melissa Gilbert. The announcement at the top of the show then explained that we would be enjoying a great show and that Melissa Gilbert would be replaced by her understudy. BOOOO!!! The girls were sad, but I am proud to say, both of them said that they were sad to not get to see her, but even more worried about her and hoped that she was okay. Sweet girls, I tell you! The show was fun, the musical numbers cute. Nellie Olsen stole the show and Almanzo and Laura's story was adorable. I think when I have a chance, I'm going to revisit the old books. Honestly, I loved the tv show, but it
kind of warped the true story of Laura Ingals Wilder into Hollywood melodrama. I want to revisit the prairie and find my inner half pint. She's still there somewhere, and looks nothing like Melissa Gilbert!

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