Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Big Time

Okay, so I blew it. I really enjoy writing this blog, and even had a few people following it. Then I hit a wall...Mike got deployed, we went to Illinois, I went to San Diego, we came home, and now I'm doing this pseudo-single mom thing. No one probably checks for updates. Have you all given up on me?

I blew it! I stopped posting. Well, I'm back now. You can all exhale that sigh of anticipation and relief!

So, how shall I begin to blog again? Should I tell you about Mike's and my San Diego trip? I'd share pictures, but they are in Mike's camera, which happens to be in Iraq. Sooooo....I'll tell you it was amazing. I spent three weeks with my husband while my children were given the royal treatment with their grandparents. (more on that later!) I flew by myself, didn't die in a horrible plane crash, saw beautiful architecture, the ocean, museums, wine country in the mountains, more homeless people in an hour than I've seen in my life, wealth beyond comprehension, real life surfer dudes, a tree with 20 hummingbird feeders hosting hundreds of hummingbirds, a dude going down the street on a skateboard wearing nothing but a green thong, green converse hightops and a fannypack (yes, I took pictures), and a beach with sand flecked with gold. We ate at an amazing Mexican restaurant called Old Town Mexican Restaurant (what the name lacks in imagination, the food makes up for in deliciousness), lots of sea food restaurants and at over priced places in Little Italy and in the ghetto. We learned the ins and outs of In-N-Out Burger and Mike was brave enough to order off of the "secret" menu..Animal style! We drank wine outdoors in the mountains. We spent an entire day at the zoo, and still didn't see it all. We saw a guy get tackeled by a baywatch crew for...um...inappropriate behavior on the beach. (luckily, we didn't see the ...um...inappropriate behavior) We shopped at the military px. We went to mass in some interesting churches. We rode the trolley into town the last day of Comic Con and didn't see any celebrities, but saw more freaky people than I've ever seen before. I held a bird on my arm. I saw other people with their kids and died a little inside with longing for mine. But, the best thing about this trip...the thing I'll remember always, is this. After 21 years of marriage and six kids, Mike and I found out that we STILL like each other! We still make each other laugh and love nothing more than to just hang out together. For that, I am truly thankful. I am very blessed.

So, I blew it..big time. But I'm back now! I have a couple of pictures in my camera, but we switched to Mike's camera and, well, you know where they are. I know you are dying to see skateboard dude! Trust me, those pitures will be on here as soon as I can get them! For now, you'll have to make do with this handsome man...

Here is Mike in the grapes in a town called Julian. Sigh. I miss him.

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Becky said...

Beautiful, simply beautiful! I'm so gald you had that time.