Sunday, November 9, 2008

Volunteering is for Woosies

The next time someone asks me to volunteer for something, I think I'm gonna say no. If any of you out there hear me agree to doing something, you know, FOR THE KIDS, please slap me. I mean it. I need one of you to slap me HARD! Any volunteers?


Colleen said...

I'll volunteer! Happy to... I've been stuck in the volunteer world, too and often wished I had someone to smack some sense into me....

Olguta & Soozie said...

Hello Theresa!

While searching on the internet for associations in Bologna I can volunteer in, I stumbled upon your blog and your post intrigued me. Why is it that you'd rather be slapped when comes about volunteering? Do you have any bad experience about Bologna, about volunteering in general? Sorry if I seem inquisitive, but the idea is that I'm moving to Bologna soon and I want to get involved as a volunteer in whatever projects.
I sure hope I'll receive an answer, whether here, on your blog, or at my email address
Thank you for your kindness to have read this comment.