Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Goodness and Kindness

I think we all want to be thought of as good. As kind. I do, and I certainly want my children to be thought of in that way, too.

I'm pretty sure most people like to be remembered well. Haven't we all thought about what people say in our absence? What people will say if we were to die?

I know a man who was so good. So kind. He called his wife "beautiful" a lot. Such romance! He treated her like a precious pearl. His children? He was hopelessly devoted. So in love with his family. He did fun, crazy things to make them laugh and to make sure they knew....

This man taught at his church. He was beloved. He was a teacher, a role model. My children? He taught them how to launch many many paper airplanes at a dance studio and smiled like a boy when the dance instructor demanded "WHO DID THIS?". She laughed. I picked up airplanes at my house for a bit...found behind furniture and atop the fridge.

We will miss him at the studio. He will be missed at his church, at his work place, by anyone who knew him. His family will ache with the loss. But, you know what? They have such faith. They know that they will be with him again some day. They are brave and strong. And good. And kind.


Becky said...

My heart is lifted and a smile crosses my face everytime I read such kind words about my love. Thank you Therea and family for the lifting of my soul. I love you guys so much, family and friends go hand in hand!

Colleen said...

What a great post! You were truly in the presence of an angel, it sounds like. Not many men go hand-in-glove with love.