Monday, August 25, 2008

Maggie's First Communion

Maggie with a few of her friends before mass.

Here is Maggie with Mrs Presley before the mass.

Also titled: Something That Happened Before the Blog

While I wait for my missing camera part to be replaced, I thought I'd document some things that went on before the blog.

Last spring, Maggie and the rest of her second grade class made their first holy communion. This was an event they prepared for all year. They learned about the physical and spiritual aspects of communion; what it looks and tastes like, how it is made and the consecration of the host and wine into the true body and blood of Jesus. On the day of their special sacrament, the boys dressed in suits complete with jackets and ties, which led Dominic to be heard saying several times throughout the day, "I'm not wearing that next year." or "You might think I'm doing that, but I'm not." Well, we'll see about that! Anyway, the girls looked beautiful in their white dresses and veils. I think they really enjoyed the day. They were solemn and respectful, a tribute to Mrs Presley and Mrs Schultz and their dedication to these kids and their faith.

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Becky said...

When I was little I wanted to be catholic so I could wear the white dress and veil, but I also wanted to be jewish so I could have 7 or is it 9 days in a row of presents from Hanakuh. Maggie looks adorable, congratulate her for us. We are surviving here at the Summers insanassylum. They still don't know what is causing Duane to be jaundice, keep you guys informed when we find out more. Missing my dance point family.