Monday, August 18, 2008

Good Boy!

It is sad that we live far from most of our family and many of our friends. The kids are missing out on one of Mike's and my favorite memories from youth: sleepovers at the grandparents house. They are missing out on playing with cousins, having a personal cheering section at sporting events, frequent visits from aunts and uncles, having an audience just for them at dance recitals and those full-house family birthday parties. There are some folks who theorize that we have so many kids to rectify some of those situations. That may be true...we can fill a row at sporting events and our family fills up the table when we gather around to celebrate a birthday. It just isn't the same, though. Because we are so far away, we have had few visitors to our fair city and new house. The grandparents have been here, of course, but the rest of the family and very few friends have made it down. I want to put up a couple of pictures of the house eventually, but the main thing you are missing out on (besides our company, obviously!) is our most recent addition to the family: JONESY!! He is a Border Collie and if you have ever researched dogs and Border Collies in particular, you would find that Jonesy looks and behaves quite characteristically of his breed. He is, and I quote my children and many of their friends, "The best dog....EVER!". We love him, even though he sheds terrifically. He is smart and quick to learn a trick. I believe he thinks doing tricks is his "job", and he is quite eager to please. I don't know if a dog can ever get too much attention, but this dog certainly gets his share. He even seems to enjoy Mary's ever growing desire to put clothes (especially sweaters) on him. So, I'll post a picture of Jonesy. If you ever come for a visit, he may growl at you and act menacing in his attempt to be our family's brave protector, but once you hand him a puppy treat, he'll be your best bud and you, too, will then have met the best dog....EVER!

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Becky said...

Yeah!!! Love it! Jonesy is adorable but does he devour chocolate cake for you, or save you from eating apple pie. My carb dog doesn't talk or even play much(too fat), but he does save me from all those nasty carbs. I need to teach him to eat Doritos now.