Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dem Bones

When you have six kids, trips to the emergency room may seem commonplace. But really, we hadn't been to the er any more frequently than the average family. That is, until last summer. I was feeling pretty smug. My kids were pretty healthy. No broken bones. Must be a good, no, great mom. Then, out of the blue, God decided to bring me down to earth, so to speak. I should know better than to feel smug. I always end up having to eat my words. So, last summer Maggie broke her arm at DANCE CAMP! Really, should ballerinas be doing things that cause broken bones? Then Dominic broke his elbow at the CHURCH PICNIC! Really, should young boys be doing things at a church picnics that cause broken body parts? Well, last week, Clare decided to even the score to three out of six. Yep, she broke her arm. Here at home, safely away from dance camps and church picnics. Right up in the game room. Did she fall off her bike? No. Fall down the stairs? No. Take a terrible tumble? Nope. She was doing a HANDSTAND! She "fell funny" and her head hit her arm and that was that. Luckily, she is doing well and her arm is starting to feel better. The pretty purple cast should help perk her up. It looks pretty now, but I'm sure once her friends at school get ahold of it, it'll look even better with all of their signatures on it! So, this reminds me of a saying. Always speak sweetly because you never know when you may have to eat your words!

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