Friday, January 29, 2010

Of Ice and Men

It was only a month ago. I was listening to all of my friends (both in real life and on facebook) extol the virtues of a winter storm. Everyone, myself included, was bristling with anticipation for the approaching snow. "A white Christmas", we all decided, "would be beautiful, nostalgic and fun!". Just like back home, I thought. Well, the love is gone. The ship has sailed. The fat lady has sung.

Like all things good or bad, this, too shall pass. I just thought I'd go on the record to say that I am ready for Spring. I enjoyed the winter, snow and ice, but I've moved on. Time for mother nature to catch up. Sadly, my spring bulbs had already decided to poke out of the ground. I hope they make it!!

So, with the snow falling outside, school cancelled for the day and my excited children pressed nose to glass I would like to say I'm thankful for the warmth and shelter of our home and grateful for the electricity that did not fail. But I am ready for the sun. How about you?

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