Friday, March 6, 2009

Just My Style

I've been spending some time browsing through blogs lately. I have stopped watching tv. For the past couple of years, I have been tv free, with the exception of watching a few child aimed shows with my kids. But the days of folding laundry in front of the tube, vegging out with the tv on, watching the muted tv with music playing in the background waiting for the singing to synch up with the mouth more. I'm not bragging; I'm simply saying that there are times when a busy mom needs to unwind. I used to do it in front of the tv. Now I cruise blogs. I have a couple of friends who blog, and I love to read theirs. But I have been reading blogs written by complete strangers. I have become mesmerized; enamored, even. Some people are hateful in their blog style, some are sweet, some are too good to be true. The blogs I am drawn to are mommy blogs. Moms with lots of kids, usually. (imagine that!) But suddenly, like with the tv viewing, I'm ready to call it quits. I have gotten a little un-enamored. I'm suddenly turned off by many bloggers need to divulge their "parenting style". They made me question my style, and, since my parenting goes along the lines of my fashion and home decor, I don't much care for those lines of questioning! Oh, by the way, they also love to show you their funky fashion sense and tasteful, eclectic decorating styles as well. Who needs that pressure!

You see, I don't think I could define my "parenting style". Besides that, who really cares? I could give it a label and identifying characteristics, but that would be embarrassing. That might make it seem like I have it figured out. Not even close!

I am content to keep writing stories about our family life here, far from "home". I promise to not try to educate you on parenting styles, fashion or home decor. Who would want to read that?

MMMMMMmmm! Pie! Now THAT I have figured out!


Becky said...

Was that pecan? I love pie, any pie. Are you a good pie maker? That's one area I have not tackled, my mom has that one covered, she makes awesome pies.

Ditto with reading other over acievers, personally I'm sick of looking at all the crafty things that I can't do, or afford to do, or have patience to do. I still love drooling over food blogs, once obsessed with food, always obsessed.

Thanks for all the love! I didn't think going to the hospital, even for a happy reason would put up such a mental freak out. But it's not as bad as Sat. and I'm enjoying being on this end of holding a newborn.

colleenromanelli said...

Awesome looking pie! I, too, drool over food blogs and follow a couple. I agree with you about the TV thing. In my case it's something else I'm addicted to, but I used to jones for it just as badly as you used to with the TV. You have inspired me to turn off the TV. It's on WAY too much. Just usually in the background. I, too, watch movies while I fold laundry, and while my life is nowhere as busy (or stressful) as yours, I, too, space out in front of the TV all the time.

Getting "addicted" to other people's blogs is like peeking in windows of houses you've always wanted to see. The first few glimpses are fascinating and you want to learn all you can. After a while, though, just like you said, you start to become irritated and wonder why they think their lives are so effing great that they have to share with everyone? Who says their parenting "style" is correct? Who cares if they stencil their dining room? Who cares?

I'm guilty of being kind of narcissistic on my blog--I think that's what it's for--and I don't mind admitting that. But I don't try to dispense advise or hope that people will think my life is really cool and want to emulate me. On the contrary, my blog is a WARNING to how low people can sink when they have no life plan. :)

I've said it before and I'll say it again: you and Mike are doing something right, and if you did put your parenting "style" into words, I'm sure a lot of people could learn from you! So keep it up and keep reading blogs if you want to, but don't compare yourself to anyone. You are incomparable.

colleenromanelli said...
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