Sunday, February 8, 2009

Googie Girl

About twenty posts ago, I started to dedicate a blog to one particular child at a time. Though these posts are always about the kids, I wanted to give each one a spotlight for their own post. We started with the youngest, Anna, then Dominic had his turn. Now it is Maggie's turn. Maggie Maggoo. Googie Girl.

Here is something everyone should know about Maggie: from the time she was about three months old until she was eighteen months old, we were afraid Maggie would never walk. And if she did walk, we were unsure if she would do so without a walker. Here is something else everyone should know about Maggie: she is extremely hard headed. In fact, that hard head of hers is why she can walk. (and run and dance and do every normal thing a girl does) Well, that and lots of physical therapy. The girl is extremely determined and can do anything she puts her mind to doing.

So, Maggie is nine. She takes seven hours of dance a week and is on a competitive dance team. She played softball for two seasons, but it cramped her dance time schedule, so she dropped it. She has broken an arm (at dance) and still is pretty daring with those crazy tumbling moves. She is a fast runner. She is very smart. She has a whole lot of energy and many friends. She is an awesome big sister and an appropriately pesky little sister. There are so many things about Maggie that I could fill a book with them. But my favorite thing about Maggie...she has a mouth made for Honeycomb! (she said that!) I love how she likes to be silly in pictures. She has a fun sense of humor.

Maggie is very sensitive. She is easily hurt and feels empathy for those around her. I think she will grow up to be a very loving, warm woman who is hard headed and determined. But for now, we'll keep on enjoying our Maggie Magoo just as she is!


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Colleen said...

Awwww. I am such a sucker for parents who REALLY KNOW their children. So many don't bother to find out who their kids really ARE; what makes them tick... watching them and loving them for who they are. Mine didn't. They couldn't pick me out of a lineup if I didn't look like me. I love that you actually KNOW your kids.

That might sound silly, or lame, or whatever. But it's true: you really know your kids. It's like you and Mike are growing 6 friends. It's lovely to see and not enough parents know how to or want to do that.

I love her photos--I was that kid: always posing in funny ways for pictures. A real ham. Maggie might have a future as an actress if dancing doesn't pan out! It's true. Her personality shines through in each photo.

Again I'm struck by how much your kids look exactly like both of you. Yeah, I've said it before and yeah, biology is wonderful... but still. Maggie looks exactly like both of you. Or what I remember you both looking like...and I'm sure you haven't changed at all in 25 years. I know I haven't. :-)

Keep up the good work. You are doing something right out there in OK. I know people who can't handle raising ONE child (or two) and you are raising good human beings--6 at a time! WOW.