Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'll Make this Brief

I seem to have hit a blog wall. For some reason, I haven't blogged in a while. It isn't that there isn't a lot going on around here....

I seem to be missing my camera cord. Without it, I cannot upload pictures. That being said, I have some great pictures of Dominic's First Communion that I will post soon!

The kids are all doing well. Mary had her 12th birthday and Dominic his 8th. Clare will turn 11 this weekend. Stephen is still plugging away at freshman year, surprised at how fast the time is going. Anna gave herself a little hair cut on Easter Sunday and Maggie continues to find joy in dancing and learning. We recently enjoyed a quick visit from Mike's mom. You see? Lots going on.

We are all preparing ourselves for Mike's deployment. Tomorrow is May 1st. I love the month of May, but have been dreading it this year. I hope this year goes as fast as the last. Faster, even.

With this short post, I hope to regain some blog momentum. There are stories to tell....

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